Barbados Sea Turtle Project

We really appreciate the work of the Barbados Sea Turtle Project
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Enjoyment and protection

If you have visited Barbados before, we hope you will have been enchanted by the wonderful sea turtles that grace the waters around the island. There is nothing better than to swim up close with these magnificent creatures or to marvel as scores of hatchlings fight their way down the beach to the sea.

Tourism and Conservation

Barbados is home to the second largest nesting population of Hawksbill turtles in the Wider Caribbean with up to 500 females nesting on the beaches every year. The turtles are much more than an important component of the biodiversity of Barbados and are an integral part of the island’s attraction.

In general, the turtles live very happily alongside the island’s visitors but sometimes tourism has less welcome side effects and the turtles often need a helping hand. Beachfront villas are wonderful places for us to stay but can inadvertently cause problems for nesting turtles. Beachfront lighting is a particular concern as both nesting females and hatchlings can become disorientated by artificial lights.


The turtles are a source of enjoyment but need our help too

If you find a hatchling on the beach call the BSTP Hotline

See the turtles up close on a catamaran cruise or just off the beach

Sea Turtle Hotline

The Barbados Sea Turtle Project (BSTP) at the University of the West Indies have been involved in sea turtle conservation for over 25 years.

The BSTP’s conservation work includes a 24-hour Sea Turtle Hotline and intervention to save injured or endangered animals. We love seeing the turtles when we are in Barbados and we really appreciate the hard work of the BSTP and their team of volunteers.

With your holiday travel pack we will send you further details about the BSTP and will let you know how to receive notifications of hatching release events that they organise on the island from time to time.

For further information please visit:

Barbados Sea Turtle Project Hotline: 00 1 (246) 230-0142

Mark & Lisa Hammerton

Mark and Lisa Hammerton

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We have been involved with the travel industry for most of our working lives but fell in love with Barbados after many visits and ended up buying a second home there.

We would love to talk to you about the island and our selection of wonderful properties and, as our priority is matching the right property to your requirements, we will always be open and honest in what we have to say.

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