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West Coast beaches are even better at sunset

Some of the World's best beaches for relaxation or fun

Barbados offers some of the most beautiful beaches you could ever hope to stroll along. The iconic palm-fringed beaches with fine sand and clear turquoise waters can be havens of tranquillity or the base for watersports or even a beach club.

The Best Barbados Water-Skiing: Tiger Tony Speedboat, at Alleynes Bay

by James Smith

A permanent sight in the shallows of the wonderful sweep of Alleynes Bay, Tiger Tony’s humble speedboat is a constant reminder to me that my younger brother, Will is the superior water-skier. We became friends with Tony on one of our first visits to the island and haven’t turned to anyone else since; he is our go-to-guy for all things that involve a speedboat.

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The Royal Westmoreland Beach Club at Mullins

by Mark Hammerton

Over the years, the large wooden building that overlooks Mullins Beach, has housed a number of different bars and restaurants. The building is owned by Royal Westmoreland but over time, they have either chosen to allow others to lease the premises and run it for the benefit of Royal Westmoreland members and other visitors or run it themselves for the benefit of Royal Westmoreland members only. Currently, all are welcome and the well-known local chef, Larry Rogers (ex-Cin Cin) runs the restaurant which is now excellent.

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Nikki Beach Barbados – Now I’m Feeling My Age

by Mark Hammerton

Lisa and I had met a couple of the local Nikki Beach marketing team at Little Bristol Bar on a number of occasions and they invited us along to spend some time on the sunbeds and experience Nikki Beach for ourselves. We duly obliged – I was wearing my slightly sceptical hat (“luxury lifestyle brand” – not really my thing) but Lisa was rather more open minded and didn’t see much wrong with the idea of an afternoon on a sunbed with a glass of champagne.

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Know Your Sea Turtles in Barbados

by Mark Hammerton

Sea Turtles are great survivors and have inhabited the seas around the world for over 150 million years, evolving from land roaming creatures, which took to the sea to outlive the dinosaurs. Today, there are seven different species of sea turtles around the world and Barbados is home to three species, the Hawksbill, the Green Turtle and the Leatherback.

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Mark & Lisa Hammerton

Mark and Lisa Hammerton

We are Mark and Lisa Hammerton and we are lucky enough to spend our time organising villa and apartment holidays to the wonderful Caribbean island of Barbados.

We have been involved with the travel industry for most of our working lives but fell in love with Barbados after many visits and ended up buying a second home there.

We would love to talk to you about the island and our selection of wonderful properties and, as our priority is matching the right property to your requirements, we will always be open and honest in what we have to say.

Mark & Lisa

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